3 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Digital marketing is an ever-booming industry. There is no full stop to it. In today’s times, everything is dependent on the internet. So, businesses are adopting new strategies in digital marketing to enhance their reach in the market. There are several firms looking for certified employees from reputed digital marketing training institutes in Noida to help them with their digital marketing needs.

Here are the top 3 trends of digital marketing listed for you!

1. Facebook is losing its popularity while Instagram is becoming a big hit

In 2020, the social media scenario is witnessing a massive change as Facebook, a platform that was once the most important one is facing a decline. The users on Facebook are relatively old, and thus, people are now shifting towards more visual ways of campaigning. Millennials find Instagram to be a popular and attractive means of connectivity.

2. Usage of chatbots is becoming more common

Instead of a full-fledged customer support team, businesses now opt for chatbots to keep in touch with their customers. Chatbots are trained to solve the customers’ queries. Thus, they manage the support aspect majorly. Best digital marketing training in Noida institutes teach the latest trends and prepares their students with the latest knowledge in the field.

3. Video marketing hitting a new high in 2020

Gone are the days when video marketing was an optional digital marketing strategy for the company. Now, it is essential for businesses to venture into this field to make their business survive the competition. A good digital marketing course in Noida will help you attain the skills that are of great value in today’s digital world.

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