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Advanced VBA Macros Training

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Introduction of VBA:  VBA Macro Programming, VBA Macros, Apply the VBA Macro, Benefit and limitation of VBA Macro, Type of VBA Macro, Display of Developers Tab and VB Editor, Introduction to Macro Recordings: Using the Excel Macro Recorder, Macro Security, Recording Macro, Naming Macro, Executing Macro, Saving and Editing Macro Various Key Board Short Cuts related to VBA Macros, Working In the Visual Basic Editor: Project Explorer, Properties window, Object Browser, Standard Module and Sheet Module
Defining Variables to Macro, Variable Naming rules, Declaring, Initializing Variables, Option Explicit, Object Variables, Different Types of Variables, Introduction of Message Box in Macro, Input Box in Macro, Use of if, and Else conditions, And /OR conditions,
Writing the Excel Formulas in to the Program, Find out the better solution to write the formulas in VBA, writing of the basic formulas, complex formulas, Logical formulas and Lookup formulas in VBA, Other useful formulas to be write in Class, Types of Errors: Design Errors, Compile Errors, Runtime Errors, Logical Errors, how to Debug the Errors.
Form Control vs Active X control, Accessing Your Macros through the User Interface, VBA User Forms: Discussion on VBA User Forms, What are User Forms, Why to Create User Forms and How to create User Forms.
Scope of VBA Sub, End Sub, and Function Procedures, worksheet Functions Working with Range Objects: Properties and Methods of Ranges – Range referencing, selection, Active cell, cells and offset properties, resize ranges, value, formula and text properties, clear, delete, copy, paste and format ranges, Filters, special cells method, union and intersect ranges, current region property, working with dynamic ranges, last cell, last row and last column Workbooks and Worksheets: The Workbooks Collection, Getting a Filename from a Path, Files in the Same Directory, Overwriting an Existing Workbook, Saving Changes, The Sheets Collection, Worksheets, Copy and Move
Detailed discussion on User Defined Function, What is Use of Defined Function, and How to create any Function OR Formula which is not available in Excel and you want it to work for you by the help of Macro,
Establishing the Connection, Late Binding, Early Binding, Interacting with Outlook: Drafting and sending mails via Outlook, Adding the recipients’ mail address and subject lines, Adding ranges, charts, tables, text in the mail body, Adding attachments.